Helping corporate travellers reach their destinations and providing leisure travel clients with exceptional and memorable experiences is what we love to do. And you’ll sense it every time you speak with our people and use our travel services, whether it’s booking your flight, arranging your hotel or managing your leisure travel program.

Simba Travelcare representing the Travel Leaders Network is the only ISO 9001:2015 certified travel agency in Uganda and we are committed to providing corporate and leisure travel service excellence based on our core values of integrity, reliability and dependability, building strategic partnerships with our clients as a result.


Travel Leaders Uganda / Simba Travelcare is a full-service travel agency that specializes in global corporate and leisure travel / destination management, providing a world-class service based on personal attention, competitive pricing and quality. Our office operation is ready to communicate in three European languages and each member of our unique and proactive team of travel experts has more than eight years of expertise in sectors such as ‘Corporate Travel Management’ or ‘Leisure Travel / Destination Management’.

Simba Travelcare today caters for inbound tourism, diplomatic missions and is the preferred travel services provider for a range of international NGOs and business operations in Uganda. We are committed to providing the best possible airfares and have been able to negotiate preferential contracts with various airlines for our diplomatic and corporate clientele.


Travel Leaders Network – Simba Travelcare is a valued member and the exclusive partner for Uganda of the Travel Leaders Network (TLN), a US-based company specializing in global corporate and leisure travel management, assisting millions of leisure and business travelers annually. TLN is also one of the largest sellers of luxury travel, cruises and tours in the travel agency industry. Travel Leaders Network today represents more than 5,700 travel agencies in the USA and Canada, expanded its partnership program into 90 countries globally and has been listed in the top 10 of the Travel Weekly Power List since 2009.

Tugata – Simba Travelcare is a registered member of ‘The Uganda Association of Travel Agents’ (TUGATA), that today represents over 95 travel agencies in the country.

IATA – Simba Travelcare is also an accredited member of the ‘International Air Transport Association’ (IATA) and meets their professional standards to promote, sell and handle international air passenger transportation. IATA is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing 250 airlines (84% of all air traffic), supports many areas of aviation activity and helps formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. For nearly 70 years, IATA developed global commercial standards upon which the air transport industry is built.

EuropAssistance – Simba Travelcare represents EuropAssistance in Uganda for all affiliated members. Europ Assistance is recognized as a preferred international supplier of 24-hour emergency services, medical resources, trauma counseling and general health support. A single point of contact puts members in touch with personalized support solutions, including an international network of medical and emergency service providers, designed to make life healthier, safer and more convenient.